User roles
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The user role is a group of individual permissions and workflows used across application. Each user must have a role assigned.

During account registration, the "Administrator" user role is automatically created, which is the default for all users and cannot be deleted.

Create a new user role

To create a new user role click the "Add user role" button.

The form has the following tabs available:



User role name

Audit type

  • Barcode: Assets will be audited by barcode scanning.

  • RFID: Assets will be audited by RFID tag reading.

Move asset to the new location

Allow changing asset location.

Move asset between cost centers

Allow changing asset cost center.

Allow audit without cost center

Allow audit without selected cost center.

Clear selected cost center after the location change

Clear selected cost center when changing active location in mobile application.

Manual audit

Allow manual asset audit.

Asset re-audit notification

Notify the user when the asset was already audited in the current inventory.

Read barcodes with device camera

Allow barcode scanning with device camera.

  • Ask: The user will have to manually confirm the action.

  • Yes: Allow it

  • No: Don't allow it


In the permissions tab, the permissions for creating, viewing, editing, and deleting individual entities in the system are set for the role.

Code exception script

A code exception script allows manipulation of the scanned barcode data.

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