IMPORTANT: SQLITE support is deprecated. All users are required to migrate to Microsoft SQL when upgrading to this version or newer.


  • Added support for Organizations. Now multiple Assets can use the same "Code" if they belong to a different organization.

  • Added ability to edit Asset optional fields.

  • Inventory Cloning is now disabled by default. A new account setting was added where the user can re-enable this functionality.

  • Admin can now grant mobile access to read-only users.

  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting User account.

  • Changed the default sort order of returned API entities. Entities are now sorted by the "Code" attribute in the ASC direction.

  • Asset History items can now be deleted for active Inventory only.

  • Fixed an issue where "Asset History" didn't work in IE11.


  • Added support for multiple organizations.

  • Migrated data from SD card to scoped storage.

  • Add support for RFID location select.



  • New "Synchronization log" view that will show mobile synchronization history with relevant data (user, sync status, date,...)

  • New "Event log" view that will show a history of different actions/changes completed by users across the application.

  • Added "Password reset" option for all users.

  • Added new "Asset Info" tabbed view that consists of three tabs: Asset details, Asset History, Asset Images.

  • Added ability to login with Active Directory user credentials. This feature needs to be enabled separately in the application configuration. Currently, this is available only when the application is installed on-premises, and the server is in the same domain as users.

  • Mobile Devices screen will now show more relevant data for the end-user. It will show the current mobile application version, OS version, and device model. Those data will only be populated when using mobile version 1.60.

  • Added new view for deleted Assets, Locations, Cost Centers, and Asset Owners.

  • Added ability to restore deleted Assets, Locations, Cost Centers, and Asset Owners.

  • Added optional API query parameter to retrieve audited Assets.

  • Exported ZIP file with inventory results will now have a more meaningful name. Filename: "".

  • Fixed a bug where the username was case sensitive when using the SQLite database.

  • Fixed a bug where the "eye" icon was showing even if the Asset didn't have any images.


  • Added support for AD authentication (only available for on-prem installations).

  • When support is needed, logs and debug data can be sent directly from the application to the Spica support team.

  • Support for custom encoded RFID EPC tag values which include asset code. No manual pairing is needed.



  • Added warning message on the login screen when using an older version of IE browser.

  • Added German and Polish translations.

  • Added ability to edit location description.

  • Added location description to excel import (column C).

  • Added API check for RFID tag duplication.

  • Added additional query string parameter (updateAuditedAssets) to the Assets API call, that allows updating already audited assets. Default is false.

  • Fixed a bug where asset images weren't allowed to update after failed sync.



  • Added new API endpoint which enables mobile app to fetch already synced asset images.

  • Added ApplicationInsights telemetry.

  • Fixed a bug where the "Assets without comment" filter was showing incorrect results.



  • Added check for RFID tag duplication.

  • Added new export file INVEN3WH.txt.

  • API now returns Assets with default sort order by ID.

  • Updating audited assets via API is now forbidden. API will return the "Cannot update audited asset" error.

  • Fixed an error where a new Profile couldn't be created if the RFID module was disabled.



  • Added support for RFID tag reading.

  • Added Czech translation.

  • Added support for new account registration.


  • Added support for RFID tag reading.

  • Added support for Zebra RFD2000 and RFD8500 RFID Sled.

  • Added support for TSL 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader.

  • Added Czech translation.

  • Added onboarding workflow when the user launches the application for the first time.

  • Added ability to test application with demo data.



  • Assets, Locations, Cost C., and Owners are now sorted by "Code" column by default.

  • Enhanced user type permission checks across different application segments.

  • Locations, Cost C., and Owners search box were optimized to allow case insensitive search.

  • Added the possibility to change default Profile and Printer.

  • Fixed a bug where the "Edit" and "Add" buttons didn't work in IE.


  • Added overlay with Back and Flash buttons on barcode capture with a camera screen.

  • Added additional validations for duplicates when inserting a new location/cost center.



  • Added support for Label printing.

  • Added support for Excel data import.

  • Added support for creating/editing Assets, Locations, Cost Centers and Asset Owners.

  • Added support for different data import methods (fixed data file paths or upload via a web form).

  • Added support for the Croatian language.

  • Added ability to clone inventory data.


  • Redesigned Asset details overview and edit screens.

  • Redesigned screens for Add/Edit of Location/Cost center.

  • Added general search window.

  • Added different filtering options.

  • Added vibration feedback option for auditing.

  • Added support for the Croatian language.

  • Added detailed logging for the mobile synchronization process.

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